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The Ultimate Insult

Trying to discover just exactly what the "ultimate insult" to Islam really is.

o  Muslims committed the huge blunder of revealing their vulnerability [cartoon flap]. Now the world knows what hurts them. When you find your opponent’s weak spot, it is exactly where you want to hit him… If Islam is ridiculed publicly and systematically, it will be defeated.  

o  Muslim psychology…is all pomposity and bravado. I give you my word that if Islam is ridiculed publicly and systematically, it will be defeated. Shame is a great motivator as well as deterrent. Do not underestimate the power of ridicule. This is serious stuff not a laughing matter…  

o  How much ridicule is enough? Until it hurts. The pain of shame must become bigger than the comfort of clinging to this false fetish. When you see their eyes are popping out of their eyeballs, their veins bulging in their necks, foam forming at their mouths, and they are ready to explode, you know that the remedy is working. Give them more. They will either die of heart attacks or they will come to their senses and recover from this insanity.  

o  Every one of us must become a cyberwarrior and mock Muhammad, Islam and the Muslims. Use your talent. Draw cartoons based on the hadith and the Quran. You can find tons of ridiculous stuff in these books to lampoon. Write articles, lyrics, jokes, plays, do whatever you can to ridicule Muhammad the prophet pretender and Muslims. Don’t heed to their howls and cries.  


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Turkish Muslims Get Rid of Insulting Dogs

The municipal workers are doing this:
"Pro-islamic municipalities in Turkey are killing stray dogs, animal rights groups claim...."
And two of the dogs were sexually abused. Apparently, the taboo of being around dogs can be suspended if a horny Muslim is around.

Read it all here.

(Posted at the request of Pim's Ghost, who en route home from vacation)


At 12:07 PM, Blogger Cubed © said...


SO glad you published this! Mustafa was asking if there was anything people could do to spread the word about Islam even faster, and I thought that submitting articles of interest to the journals and magazines of the various groups (plus any others we can think of) he listed might be a starter. There are hundreds of thousands of these publications, so just ONE published article could reach a LOT of people, and maybe start them thinking.

Eventually we could break through the PC barriers and start getting them published more often. This one, about cruelty to dogs, could be submitted to a magazine of interest to dog/animal lovers everywhere, for example.

Remember when the Olympics were held in Korea, and people were warned about their habit of eating dogs? The Koreans are our friends, but nonetheless, a lot of people were gagging and complaining about that.

If the gratuitous cruelty to animals practiced by Islam were to be widely disseminated, it might increase curiousity about the rest of it.

There are so MANY special interest journals/magazines out there. There HAS to be a way to take advantage of that!


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