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The Ultimate Insult

Trying to discover just exactly what the "ultimate insult" to Islam really is.

o  Muslims committed the huge blunder of revealing their vulnerability [cartoon flap]. Now the world knows what hurts them. When you find your opponent’s weak spot, it is exactly where you want to hit him… If Islam is ridiculed publicly and systematically, it will be defeated.  

o  Muslim psychology…is all pomposity and bravado. I give you my word that if Islam is ridiculed publicly and systematically, it will be defeated. Shame is a great motivator as well as deterrent. Do not underestimate the power of ridicule. This is serious stuff not a laughing matter…  

o  How much ridicule is enough? Until it hurts. The pain of shame must become bigger than the comfort of clinging to this false fetish. When you see their eyes are popping out of their eyeballs, their veins bulging in their necks, foam forming at their mouths, and they are ready to explode, you know that the remedy is working. Give them more. They will either die of heart attacks or they will come to their senses and recover from this insanity.  

o  Every one of us must become a cyberwarrior and mock Muhammad, Islam and the Muslims. Use your talent. Draw cartoons based on the hadith and the Quran. You can find tons of ridiculous stuff in these books to lampoon. Write articles, lyrics, jokes, plays, do whatever you can to ridicule Muhammad the prophet pretender and Muslims. Don’t heed to their howls and cries.  


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Great New Insulted Muslims Online

Ahh,, how little we know of each other.

"If the West is commiting genocide athe(sic) muslims, then why did the West help muslims in Bosnia?

The benevolent Americans tried to save the Muslims in Bosnia. First thing was they armed the Serbs heavily with heavy weapons. Then imposing an arms embargo on the Muslims leaving them totally defenceless. Eventually, the Serbs surrounded the Muslims, took the UN soldiers hostage, and massacred 8000 Muslims, while the UN was busy trying to figure out their procedures for launching air strikes to protect the Muslims. For some strange reason the UN could not be mobilised as quickly as it did over Iraq. Never mind, eventually the American forces launched some nominal bombing strikes, and claimed to have saved the remaining Muslims, that is, after 200,000 were slaughtered and an estimated 50,000 women were systematically tortured in Serb rape camps. So a big thank you to the saviours, who fed us to be slaughtered, but would not allow us to defend ourselves."

Boy, are the folks at THIS organization bitter and deranged. But hey, they have audio, absurd Q & As and even Dr. Ingrid Mattson (formerly of the ISNA) in their "female speakers" list. Yes, they designate their speakers by sex. And just check out their explanation of suicide bombers


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