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The Ultimate Insult

Trying to discover just exactly what the "ultimate insult" to Islam really is.

o  Muslims committed the huge blunder of revealing their vulnerability [cartoon flap]. Now the world knows what hurts them. When you find your opponent’s weak spot, it is exactly where you want to hit him… If Islam is ridiculed publicly and systematically, it will be defeated.  

o  Muslim psychology…is all pomposity and bravado. I give you my word that if Islam is ridiculed publicly and systematically, it will be defeated. Shame is a great motivator as well as deterrent. Do not underestimate the power of ridicule. This is serious stuff not a laughing matter…  

o  How much ridicule is enough? Until it hurts. The pain of shame must become bigger than the comfort of clinging to this false fetish. When you see their eyes are popping out of their eyeballs, their veins bulging in their necks, foam forming at their mouths, and they are ready to explode, you know that the remedy is working. Give them more. They will either die of heart attacks or they will come to their senses and recover from this insanity.  

o  Every one of us must become a cyberwarrior and mock Muhammad, Islam and the Muslims. Use your talent. Draw cartoons based on the hadith and the Quran. You can find tons of ridiculous stuff in these books to lampoon. Write articles, lyrics, jokes, plays, do whatever you can to ridicule Muhammad the prophet pretender and Muslims. Don’t heed to their howls and cries.  


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mohammed's Believe It Or Else!

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Note: If PhotoBucket decides to remove the above image, you can view it here.

To read the introduction to the comic book, go here, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

The author of the above comic book had to go into hiding. From Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

"It is with great regret that I must go into hiding.

"This is a result of the multiple death threats I have received for my comic book, which depicts the truth about the teachings of the prophet Mohammed. I am earnestly confused about this matter. I have spoken honestly and truthfully about Islam and its teachings. All quotes in the comic book are directly from the Qu'ran and the agreed Hadiths.

"Why does a religion of peace seek to kill me for being honest? What do they have to hide?

"I hope to return when I am free to speak once again.

"Abdullah Aziz (Author or the World Renowned Comic Book, 'Mohammed's Believe It or Else!'"
Three things I've learned from Mohammed's Believe It or Else, according to the author's citations from the Hadith:

1. Once a tribe of Israelites became lost. The Jews were transformed into rats.
Proof: rats drink milk from sheep but not from camels.
(Burkhari, vol. IV, no 524)

2. The majority of the population of hell is female. Also, nobody is more deficient in intelligence and religion than a woman.
(Burkhari, vol. I, no. 28; Burkhari, vol. I, no. 301; Burkahari, vol. I, no. 161)

3. Muslims have one intestine, but those who are not Muslims have seven intestines.
(Muslim, Vol. III, nos. 5113, Chapter DCCCLXII)

Does this comic book mock Islam? Before you condemn the author of this book, read the following words by Ali Sina, apostate:
"Why Mock Islam? Because it is therapeutic! Mocking is a very powerful way to convince those who are unwilling to think to do it. Shame is a great motivator....

"Do not underestimate the power of ridicule. This is not a laughing matter. Mock Muhammad and Islam as this will eventually help the Muslims get rid of their cult. They must feel embarrassed for calling themselves Muslim.

"This therapy works. I have seen it work many times....

"Today Muslims become angry if you ridicule their faith, but once they are free from this bondage of the mind they will thank you for it.... "
Mohammed's Believe It or Else is beautifully illustrated and printed on glossy paper. Get your own copy, digital download or hard copy, and feel free to read it while eating a ham sandwich.


At 10:04 AM, Blogger George Mason said...

Way back when, going all the way back to the days following the events of 11 September 2001, I bumped into this comic as well as the organization of Dr. Robert Morey which sells it. I need to go back and buy this comic. At the time, I needed the book by Dr. Morey much more.

Last year, I had the good fortune to hear Dr. Morey interviewed at length on the Michael Medved talk radio show. This was a first for me. Over the entire hour, I heard a scholarly man dealing with the Islam problem with high rationality. Of course he freaked out Mr. Medved who simply could not let his mind get around the idea that Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem--that is, the specific holy sites such as the Kaaba, in contradistinction to the towns themselves--must be destroyed militarily as a significant part of our strategy for dealing with Islam.

As I recall, we blogged about this and put material on 6th Column Against Jihad.

In fact, Dr. Morey, who has consulted often with our deepest security agencies, indicated, without giving away secrets, that word had been sent to bin Laden that we would do this if he attacked America. Apparently, bin Laden got the message loud and clear. If you recall, Chirac announced to bin Laden that France would nuke the holy sites if jihadists destroyed valuable sites like the Louvre Museum.

Dr. Morey's reasoning must be understood and not emoted against before due consideration. Mr. Medved was attracted to the idea like a moth to a flame, but he was also repelled at the same time. His ambivalence cancelled him out to himself. Far too many good people have simply gone into emotional tail-spin about this idea and closed their minds, at time when our very survival requires the fullest and most open of minds.

Before anyone writes off Dr. Morey as some religious right preacher nut who is a quart low on his anti-psychotic medication, he or she should find out just what the man says and why. It might be life-saving.

Many thanks to AOW for publishing this comic book and jiggling my memory.


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