Must See Video- Dispatches: Undercover Mosque The Ultimate Insult: April 2007

The Ultimate Insult

Trying to discover just exactly what the "ultimate insult" to Islam really is.

o  Muslims committed the huge blunder of revealing their vulnerability [cartoon flap]. Now the world knows what hurts them. When you find your opponent’s weak spot, it is exactly where you want to hit him… If Islam is ridiculed publicly and systematically, it will be defeated.  

o  Muslim psychology…is all pomposity and bravado. I give you my word that if Islam is ridiculed publicly and systematically, it will be defeated. Shame is a great motivator as well as deterrent. Do not underestimate the power of ridicule. This is serious stuff not a laughing matter…  

o  How much ridicule is enough? Until it hurts. The pain of shame must become bigger than the comfort of clinging to this false fetish. When you see their eyes are popping out of their eyeballs, their veins bulging in their necks, foam forming at their mouths, and they are ready to explode, you know that the remedy is working. Give them more. They will either die of heart attacks or they will come to their senses and recover from this insanity.  

o  Every one of us must become a cyberwarrior and mock Muhammad, Islam and the Muslims. Use your talent. Draw cartoons based on the hadith and the Quran. You can find tons of ridiculous stuff in these books to lampoon. Write articles, lyrics, jokes, plays, do whatever you can to ridicule Muhammad the prophet pretender and Muslims. Don’t heed to their howls and cries.  


Thursday, April 19, 2007

300 gives Iran's dictatorship that many headaches

Last month, 300 premiered to great success, but if there was anyone who didn't like it, it turned out to be Iran's dictatorship!
Iran on Monday strongly condemned the US film company Warner Bros. over the allegedly “anti-Iranian” blockbuster film 300. Javad Shamqadri, art advisor to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, told Fars news agency that the film was an insult to Persian culture and in line with the American “psychological war” against Iran…

Iran’s has called foul over what it calls “deviation of history” but also because the Persians in the film were shown as “ugly and violent creatures rather than human beings.”[...]

The news network Khabar organised a special programme in which the film was evaluated from several angles by film critics who argued that the film’s alleged efforts to expose Persians as violent was a US political plot implemented through Hollywood and the Warner Bros. company.
Ha ha, "several angles"? Just shows how goofy the Islamofascists can be in all their paranoid mindsets!

More on this from Memri TV and Hot Air.